Please join the C12 Central Texas Leadership Series on Friday, February 28, 2020 at the San Antonio Petroleum Club.  Get Your Tickets

Our special guest speaker, Jorge Chavez, Founder and President of Topaz Sales Consulting and a current C12 member will share his first-hand experience on why your salespeople are not closing more sales …

Hint: Could it be they are having conversations in their head they will never tell you!

Attendees will learn:
-The importance of your belief system

-How to identify and eliminate negative self-talk, replacing it with empowering beliefs

-How to build trust, learn the truth and not waste time

-The value of Sincere Interest and Infinite Curiosity

Attendees will participate in a table-talk exercise to explore the most common self-limiting beliefs you want to eliminate along with the most impactful empowering belief you can quickly adopt.

Who Should Attend:
Business Owners, Sales Leadership & Professionals. This topic provides valuable information for anyone in leadership who interacts with clients and prospects. 

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