C12 Wive’s Group is designed to help support the wives of the C12 CEO members creating alignment within the marriage, achieving the vision and goals God has placed upon their hearts, and fulfilling His purposes in stewarding their marriage, family and business together.

MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATION & CALLING – C12 Wive’s membership is considered “invitation only” and is limited to Wive’s of the CEO/Owner/President is an active member of a C12 CEO Group.

MEMBERSHIP BASICS – Members meet on pre-scheduled days each month and commit to faithful attendance.  This is defined as attending at least 10 of 12 monthly meetings each year and avoiding absence at two consecutive meetings.  As an interactive peer community, the effective functioning of group relationships relies on the stability, timeliness and understanding which accompany faithful attendance and transparency. Members also have access to the facilitating board Chair for periodic counsel, direction and strategic input in addition to the peer network of C12 members. One on one sessions are available upon request.

ATTENDANCE – The greatest value your bring to the table is yourself.  Without you, we miss you.  Our C12 Wive’s board members have cleared their calendar and invest with their monthly dues because you are at the table. When you miss a meeting, you are not hurting the C12 Chair: You are affecting every member at the meeting. For this reason, you are encouraged to never miss a monthly board meeting. Only two absences are allowed per calendar year from your board. Proxy to another board is an absence from your board. Arrangements must be made with the C12 Chair a minimum of one week in advance of the monthly board meeting. Please note, sending a text to the C12 Chairman the morning of the meeting to request an excused absence or a late arrival is inappropriate. In addition, members are expected arrive on time and not to leave early.

NO SOLICITATION – We strive to respect and honor one another in all things. C12 Wive’s members are not allowed to make any type of solicitations to each other. Your relationship with each other is that of a “fellow board member.”

ELECTRONICS – Let’s focus for the few moments we have together.  Your fellow C12 Wive’s members are investing their time and resources in you and, therefore, deserve 100% of your attention throughout the day. Ample breaks are scheduled during the day to allow members to check voicemails as well as respond to urgent matters through texts and/or emails. This type of activity is not allowed at the table during our work sessions together.

ACTIVE PARTICIPATION AND THE STANDARD OF GODLY COUNSEL – Our monthly C12 Wive’s meetings are not a time for members to become passive spectators. Every member is encouraged to constantly engage in the focused discussions at the table as they actively participate with their board. C12 Wive’s members come together each month to present their most critical and pressing issues and challenges to their fellow board members. These times require Godly wisdom and counsel as members seek to share encouragement, ideas and possible action steps with each other. These discussions are held to a much higher standard than a casual conversation between friends over a meal.

TO DO LISTS AND ACCOUNTABILITY – Let’s achieve what we believe God has placed on our hearts.  Our focus during the monthly board meetings together relates to personal and professional growth. Much of our commitment to individual growth steps is recorded through the writing of monthly To Do List items. When we establish a To Do List item, we are committing to ourselves, God and the others around the table that we will complete this action before returning the following month. Be ready to report to your board each month and to be held accountable for your commitments.

CANCELLATION OF MEMBERSHIP – Recognizing the importance of the relationships between fellow C12 Wive’s members, prior to terminating membership, members agree give a 1 month notice and meet with their full board to express their intent to leave the group. This is a condition of membership to C12 that is considered non-negotiable.

PLEDGE OF CONFIDENTIALITY – We believe the only way we can grow personally and professionally, and as a dynamic committed group is to be authentic, vulnerable and real with ourselves and one another. Therefore, an integral part of each of our meetings will include discussing personal, private and confidential information with each other about our business and personal lives. In order to maintain the quality of these meetings and continue a strong foundation of trust, respect and integrity, we ask you to agree to the terms of this Pledge of Confidentiality as stated below.  Also, please know that should you share with our group we will treat your information and data with respect and confidentiality as well. This is a sacred trust and any known breach of this confidentiality covenant will result in expulsion and termination of membership or of candidacy for those who do so.

MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT & COVENANT of MUTUAL BENEFIT – I agree that I do/will fulfill the requirements of Membership Qualifications/Calling and Membership Basics that are detailed above. I agree to hold all information shared by other C12 Members in strict confidence, not to actively solicit fellow members, that I will engage according to C12’s stated core principles, and I will refrain from any doctrinal debate. Breaching these standards will result in cancellation of my membership. It is my understanding that membership is for a minimum of a one-year period and is granted on an automatically renewable month-to-month basis and the membership fee (which can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually) is due no later than the first day of each month. Membership fees must be kept current at all times. Membership fees that are not fully paid when due (subject to a five-day grace period) will be subject to a $50 late fee. Prior to termination of membership, I agree to convey my intention of leaving my forum to all of the group members during a regular monthly board meeting. I agree to give one month notice to my chair to terminate membership.


In agreement to these terms and conditions, I desire to formally submit this application to C12 of Central Texas and C12, LLC for consideration.

Upon submitting your application/registration for C12 Wive’s Group – Central Texas you will be contacted by C12 Central Texas to setup and discuss registration and dues fees, and terms.  You will receive two invoices: 1) Registration and 2) Your first months Membership dues.