Does a Christian World-view Matter in Business?

In this era, we are living our lives in two concurrent dimensions, physical and spiritual. The spiritual dimension, began in the heart of God before He made the universe and continues forever. The other, the physical dimension, began with our physical birth and ends at our physical death.

It’s easy to believe that our physical life, and the senses that define our experiences, seem more “real” than the spiritual life. Therefore, we tend to focus most of our thought, and most of our decisions, on the false premise that physical life is the more important of the two. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our physical lives may last 100 years or more (most much less), but eternal life is infinite. Eternity is our beginning and our end. Teilhard De Chardin, the French philosopher said, “We are not physical beings who have occasional spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings who are having a temporary physical experience!”

We have been sent here to function as Ambassadors for Christ for a season, returning home to our Sender. Upon which, our success will be evaluated and measured in His terms. (see Hebrews 9:27-28)

While we are here, what we do (or do not do) will matter when we meet Jesus. So what is a Christian worldview and how does it relate to our businesses? It is the perspective of life through the lens of both a personal and cosmic eternity. We are created and controlled by a Sovereign God who sent His Son to reconcile the world to Himself and offer forgiveness of our sin and eternal life with Him.

A truly Christian worldview accepts His definitions of success, provided in Scripture. Our work, being where we spend the majority of our lives, is an area of eternal concern, as it should be a part of one life in Christ.

In our Business Forums we regularly ask each other “What would Jesus do in that situation?” or “What does the scripture say about that?” We answer questions and question answers, digging deep on both levels. As a group of believers learning how to chase after Christ, together we find ways to build great businesses (in the now) for a greater purpose (in eternity).