Spending Too Much Time in Meetings?

Use this 12 Point Checklist to Create More Productive Meetings

Looking at the habits of chief executives, many studies over the years have pointed out that only about 20% of our work time is focused on the vital value-adding elements of our jobs. Our most important contributions are achieved during this relatively small portion of our overall workweek. The remaining 80% of our time is typically spent in a variety of unproductive ways. Since time is the one commodity we all have in equal supply, how wisely we use it will largely determine whether our businesses thrive or just muddle along!

One specific area in which we can lead by example, is through effective meetings!  The following checklist of questions can be used to help improve time-management and outcomes of your meetings so you can be more productive focusing on your customers and the bottom-line!

  1. What is the purpose of the meeting? Do we really need to hold it?
  2. What is the agenda (including objective) and when does it need to be in the hands of those attending to enable them to prepare to contribute effectively?
  3. Who will attend and for what specific purpose?
  4. Will advanced information be provided?
  5. Who will run the meeting? Is this a coaching or delegation opportunity?
  6. How long will the meeting last? (define expectations for start and end times)
  7. Will presentations be made? If so, by whom and for how long? Will copies be provided?
  8. What is my strategy for this meeting and how will I keep it on track?
  9. What physical set-up will best facilitate group interaction? (consider visual displays)
  10. What decisions must be made at this meeting and who will be responsible for implementing the decision(s)?
  11. Who will take notes and how/when will they be distributed?
  12. Is a follow up meeting necessary? If so, when?


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