Please join the C12 Central Texas Leadership Series on Friday, January 24th at the San Antonio Petroleum Club.  Get Your Tickets

Our special guest speaker, CEO of C12 Group, Mike Sharrow will share his first-hand experience on how you can enhance employee engagement and build a flourishing workplace culture!

In the average US company less than 40% of employees are truly engaged while 13% are actually disengaged – opposing progress!  The rest? Just surviving and getting by!

What’s the cost to your company?  How frustrating is it to know that is likely true at your company?  Do you feel it?

– Come hear a case study on how 1 local company grew the engagement of their team from 36% to 79% while eliminating disengagement altogether.

– Learn the 8 Factors of Flourishing Workplace.

– Understand cultural initiatives, the importance of insight data and creative benefit policies that can help make changes to unleash not only a more engaged organization but one you enjoy leading!
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