Transition Readiness Workshop for C12 Members-
Thursday, March 30th

We are always in some form of a transition, whether it be secession, sales growth, foundation building, acquisition, or continuity plans.

These transitions are inevitable and needed in any business’s lifecycle. Are you ready for your next transition? How ready are you and how how do you know? Proper preparation could take years.

Join other C12 members as we gather in a C12 workshop offering learning how to evaluate your organization to prepare and maintain robust good health for the inevitable company transition.

This workshop is for all mission-minded business owners at any stage to get fresh insights:

-How to assess your personal business’s (people, processes, financials) readiness for the next transition

What to watch beyond financial reports to gauge the well-being of your business

The two archetypes of businesses and how they are manage differently

-A current overview of your business with tools

How to identify possible blind spots

Looking ahead – meaningful goal setting

Workshop Details

Date: Thursday, March 30th


Location: Kinected Co-Working 10401 I-10
San Antonio, TX, 78230

Time:  10:00 am – 2:30 pm

Lunch: Materials & Tools Provided

Cost:  $120 per person