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San Antonio Training Rides

Saturday Morning Rides (1st and 3rd Saturday of the month).
No drop family friendly ride as we gather and ride the Hollywood Park loop.  As a loop you won’t be left behind.  Do as many laps as you wish, as you get to know fellow C12 riders.

Monthly Saturday Team Ride (4th Saturday of the month). 
We gather to embark on a longer destination ride that may challenge Hill Country Hills, long flats, longer challenges, or scenic vistas.  Sometimes it’s about the pie and coffee along the way.  Routes will be posted each month.  If you have a favorite, let’s put it in rotation.

2019 C12 Cycling Calendar

Build up for the Wildflower:

  • April 6, 2019 Rosedale Ride (Austin, Texas) supporting children with multiple disabilities
  • April 7, 2019 Texas Autism (Georgetown, Texas) supporting Autism Research
  • April 19-21 Easter Hill Country Ride (Kerrville, Texas) ride the Hill Country with various major cycling clubs across Texas to bring in Easter. Sunrise Service will be conducted.

Our Main Spring Riding Event:

Other Rides:

  • May 25, 2019 Warrior 100 (Georgetown, Texas) supporting Marine Veterans & Reunite the Fight
  • August 23-26 Hotter n’ Hell (Wichita Falls, Texas) because it is the largest and oldest ride in Texas. Many events and rides to choose.
  • November 2, 2019 Tour de Gruene (Gruene, Texas)

Bike Maintenance

Keeping your bike in excellent condition is important for a trouble free enjoyable ride.  CLICK HERE To see the full feature site to help trouble shoot typical maintenance needs.  For more significant issues, contact your local bike shop.


Riding is a great way of maintaining your physical fitness, while enjoying the outdoors, family and friends.  Don’t make it harder than it needs to be.  Take the first step to just get involved with friends that ride.  You will learn what you need along the way.  Here are some steps:

1. Find some friends to ride with like the C12 Cycling Team
2. Make sure your bike is safe to ride
3. Confirm with a doctor to make sure you can start a cycling
4.Don’t let the weather get in the way. Check out indoor training videos.
5. Sprinkle in some strengthening exercises during the week

There are many sites to support your cycling fun.  Search the web for answers, but nothing can beat getting together with friends that ride to help you on your journey.


There seems to be a different answer for every nutritional question when it comes to health.  Check with your health care provider and do your research to find what will be best for your physical abilities and goals.

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