More Than Your Corporate Pastor

Stress-related issues cost corporate America $300 billion annually. 

Ineffective employee care results in the indirect financial costs of low morale, lack of teamwork, compromise in safety, and personnel conflicts. This year in particular, the marketplace has been a volatile place for leaders and employees alike since COVID-19 unexpectedly swept across our globe. Strategic initiatives thoughtfully timed around the initial outlook for 2020 were either accelerated, modified, or completely tossed aside. Leaders are devoting all of their time to keeping the business healthy and moving forward with little time to spare for relational investments.

Whether employees are working in person or from the safety of their homes, this season calls for business leaders to be thinking about “rebound caring.” Companies are looking for innovative ways to reduce “presenteeism” (being at work, but not engaged) and increase employee wellness and engagement. People need to experience the hope, compassion, and love of Jesus Christ but in a real and practical way from another person.

As futuristic as 2020 sounds, we still can’t clone ourselves. Given all the responsibilities leaders have, they cannot personally and deeply care for everyone. So how can we increase the intentional care we desire to give our employees, particularly in a post-COVID-19 workplace? How can we more effectively build a culture where employees can grow in their joy and faith as well as their productivity and engagement?

Research by Dr. David Miller, Director of the Faith and Work Initiative at Princeton, revealed that chaplain care contributed to greater employee well-being, reduced operational costs, increased retention, and created a more positive culture.

Introducing chaplains is the easiest next step to instantly add value for employees. Giving employees a choice to connect with someone they can relate to promotes greater connectivity and increases meaningful caring engagement.

“The greatest benefit of having Bill is that he understands my heart and he is able to work that into the culture at Wilson Lumber.” 

–Rob Wilson, President of Wilson Lumber and C12 Member since

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