CEO Recovery Insights: Expectations & Strategies for Mid-Market Comeback

Understand CEO expectations on timing and impact of recovery
 Study fielded June 22 – 28, 2020
 172 CEOs of mid and lower mid-market businesses

Summary of Findings

CEOs perspective on timing of economic recovery vary greatly; Many say conditions are expected to begin to improve in 5 months or less (43%), but most (57%) believe it will be 6 months or more.  Almost no one sees their businesses “significantly weakened” by the COVID-19 crisis looking out 6- months, and most CEOs expect to be “normal” or “stronger than before” in this timeframe.

With modest to high-growth goals coming into 2020 pre-pandemic, 2/3 of CEOs don’t expect to meet their growth targets for the year. But that means another 1/3 expect to hit their targets or exceed them.

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