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Operational Fitness Is Key To Organizational Wellness

Every year, thousands of people resolve to better maintain their personal fitness. But unfortunately, it’s also the most frequently broken. This truth not only applies to our personal fitness goals, but to our professional goals as well. After years and years of doing things a certain way, it is challenging to make intentional shifts in […]

What Scripture Teaches Us About Debt

We’re living in a culture where instant gratification is expected, but business owners often find that accumulating significant debt can be detrimental. Whether it is declining prices, dropping value, rising interest rates, or a sharp drop in sales, you should always protect yourself from the worst case scenario. As a Christian leader, that means pausing, […]

Spending Too Much Time in Meetings?

Use this 12 Point Checklist to Create More Productive Meetings Looking at the habits of chief executives, many studies over the years have pointed out that only about 20% of our work time is focused on the vital value-adding elements of our jobs. Our most important contributions are achieved during this relatively small portion of our overall workweek. […]

Mid-Year Business Check-up

The year is half over – it’s an excellent time to stop and assess how you are doing and reflect on how your actions and leadership are impacting your business and faith. Take this quick check-up to assess your progress. Are your best customers happy? Most companies get 80% of their business from 20% of their customers. […]

Bridging the Gap Between Sunday Faith and Monday Work

 Today, many Christian business leaders have found that they don’t need to leave their faith at the office door. They can pray with employees or clients and share God’s infinite wisdom and Christ’s love when appropriate. What’s your view on your business and faith? Have you considered a transition from making a living to making […]

A Billion Dollar Issue: How To Align Projects with Business Strategy

Is Project Management Really That Important? Corporations throughout the world are losing billions of dollars in wasted project spending. A new global research report shows that one of the biggest contributing factors is the lack of alignment of projects with corporate strategy. Many companies are almost purely project management enterprises (e.g., consultants, contractors, job shop manufacturers, […]

Driving Topline Growth- 15 Tips to get you started

Assessing Our Readiness for Growth In the first half of the business life cycle, we focus on sharpening our efforts to gain as much market share as possible while the potential for profit remains high. During the second half, our focus shift s to cost reduction, competing, and planning ‘next generation’ offerings to keep our offerings fresh and […]

Leveraging our Marketing Efforts to Build Community and Loyalty

According to Garner Research, business users spend an average of 49 minutes per day on email and check their messages six ti mes per day! Given the inherent low cost of web-based communication, it’s easier than ever to build a contact database and user community using broadcast email and targeted web landing pages.  Unfortunately, industry statistics report that […]

Are you losing control of your company’s productivity?

95% of on-the-clock activity doesn’t add value to your product or service. Would you want to compete head-to-head with a high-performing firm that is keenly focused on continuous improvement? By committing to diligent long-term application of lean principles, most of us could become that leader in our markets! Lean companies cultivate an uncommon team focus […]